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Providing Expert Knowledge and Trusted Advice since 1995.

As the needs of our clients have grown and evolved, Hi-TECH SOUND has responded and expanded to become one of the most trusted and reliable partners in the commercial audio visual industry.

Our clients include businesses and facilities of all shapes and sizes in both the public and private sector, and their needs span the spectrum from turn-key audio visual solutions to commercial audio visual consulting services. These clients often face a wide range of complex and pressing challenges and they continually turn to Hi-TECH SOUND to find the solutions that meet their needs, their budget and their deadline. The result: our clients receive the best solution for the lowest cost.


At Hi-TECH SOUND, every project is unique, and every client is important, large or small. Whether you’re a small New England church, a contemporary congregation with a musical focus, or a large, multi-campus ministry, we have a sound system to provide smooth, intelligible sound to every seat in the house. Hear the word… clearly.

We provide a full array of sound, video and computer graphics display solutions, to ensure your message and your music meet the needs of your congregation; and we’ll be there long after the installation is complete to ensure your system continues to perform at the highest standards and continues to serve the needs of your organization.

Let us show you why our clients put their faith in Hi-TECH SOUND, time after time.

Health Care

Hi-TECH SOUND has a proven track record for handling the challenging needs of the health care industry. As the healthcare needs of the baby boomers grow, so to do the unique audio and visual requirements of healthcare environments. We offer a wide range of healthcare a/v solutions that can help facilities improve performance and streamline care delivery.

Our goal is to ease the pain of finding the right sound and media systems for our healthcare clients by providing cost-effective solutions with close coordination throughout the planning, installation, testing, and acceptance phases of each project.

Is your facility in compliance with the HIPPA Oral Privacy requirements? Are you building, retrofitting or managing a healthcare facility where protecting patient health information is a concern? Sound masking can be the best solution to meet your HIPPA oral privacy requirements – and the most cost-effective safeguard you can include.

Contact Hi-TECH SOUND today to discover how upfront planning for audio visual systems can drastically reduce infrastructure costs, ensuring that the needs of your healthcare facility are met, at a budget you can afford.

Hi-TECH SOUND… just what the doctor ordered.

Retail & Hospitality

Hi-TECH SOUND is helping to drive a revolution in retail and hospitality environments, providing an array of audio and visual capabilities that enable our clients to reach today’s tech-savvy consumers and travelers.

Our extensive experience enables us listen to your needs, craft a solution, and make it a reality. Whether you’re a single-store or multi-location operation, Hi-TECH SOUND delivers a unique value proposition for retail and hospitality facilities seeking to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver advanced audio and visual solutions to a captive audience. Let the experts at Hi-TECH SOUND show you how to make your facilities sound and media system exceed your customers’ expectations without breaking the bank, and how to keep them coming back for more.

Inform, Educate, and entertain your customers, your guests and your team – Music | Messaging | WiFi | Digital Signage.

Drive Thru & QSR

Quick service establishments move swiftly and smartly – so do we. We understand the ruthless demands on flawless, predictable, and reliable service expected in the QSR market. Hi-TECH SOUND provides the latest in drive-thru systems to reduce customer waiting time, increase traffic volume, spotlight products, boost employee productivity and verify transactions.

Our primary focus is, and always will be, keeping your drive thru system up and running 24/7. Our technical support team is available 7 days a week and we have certified technicians on staff to ensure you have everything you need to help your drive-thru business run swiftly and smartly.

Let Hi-TECH SOUND help you keep the lines moving and the registers ringing – Integrated Drive-Thru | Timers | Networking | Music | DirecTV | WiFi | POS | Surveillance

Conference Facilities

From basic ballroom combining systems that you can control with a tablet, to elaborate executive suites and boardrooms, Hi-TECH SOUND has all the toys to give your team an intuitive system that doesn’t require a certified geek to operate.

Room combining, video conferencing, computer graphics, source and channel selection, lights, shades, and thermostats all at the touch of your fingers.

Put your best foot forward with a custom audio visual solution form the experts at Hi-TECH SOUND.

Intercom & Paging

Check one-two? Can you hear me? Offices, warehouses, distribution centers, car dealerships and most business all have unique paging needs and we’ve got the gear to make it all clear.

Cut through the clutter with crisp sound and an easy-to-use paging system. Hi-TECH SOUND can integrate with most phone systems or install dedicated microphones in your facility to ensure your communications come through loud and clear each and every time.

Contact Hi-TECH SOUND today for your free, on-site consultation with one of our highly trained experts and we’ll get your sound in check.